About Us

S. Tehandon Lawn & Garden offers season lawn treatment, lawn mowing, flower bed service, professional mulching, stonework, patio landscaping, retaining wall installation, fencing service, power washing, and more. We serve the area of Breese, IL. Contact our team today! 

We serve in Breese, IL, Aviston Village IL; Highland IL; Helvetia Township IL; New Baden Village IL; Trenton IL; and the surrounding areas.

Lawn Service, Mulching, Patio Gardening, Front Yard Landscaping, Affordable Landscaping Service

Season Lawn Treatment, Lawn Mowing, Flower Bed Service, Professional Mulching, Stonework, Patio Landscaping, Retaining Wall Installation, Fencing Service, Power Washing, Quality Lawn Service, Affordable Landscape Maintenance

S. Tehandon Lawn & Garden